We are finalizing plans for the grand opening which is scheduled for July 2nd and are sending an appeal to ask for your help leading up to and on the actual day.

Over the next couple of weeks we need some help with:

  1. Gathering lists of email addresses of people who should be invited to the opening and spreading the word through your respective networks;
  2. General preparation and light landscaping to make the park more presentable for the opening, particularly on the weekends of June 17-18  and June 24-25;
  3. Donations and planting of perennial plants such as hostas and lilies that can grow in shaded areas;
  4. Any cash donations to the Humanics Institute towards the cost of preparing the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park to be opened on the 2nd of July;
  5. Assistance in collecting advertisements, or sponsorship of the Opening Event;
  6. Assistance in organizing events and activities at the opening day and preparing a program for the day;
  7. Assistance in contacting appropriate, governmental organizations, such as the police, City of Ottawa, Media, First Aid preparedness, etc.

On the day of the grand opening on July 2nd, we are seeking help with:

  1.   Assistance with the set up of tables for registration, information, and food tables;
  2. Greeting visitors and taking registrations at the entrance;
  3. Assistance with looking after Invited dignitaries;
  4. Assistance with directing traffic and managing the parking area;
  5. Food stall assistance to help with the preparation and serving of hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks;
  6. Assistance with selling programs, food tickets, etc.;
  7. Assistance at different locations of the walkways where sculptures are located, such as two secular areas, Buddhist Area, Hindu area, Christian Area, Islam Area, areas for Aboriginal/Indigenous Spirituality, and other world religions;
  8. Assistance with taking photos of the event;
  9. Assistance at the Children’s Area;
  10. Assistance in the First Aid Area;
  11. Assistance with the clean-up (picking up during the event, and packing up at the end);

If you can help us with any of the items indicated above, please contact us at: contact@humanicsinstitute.org.

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